Marine Mechanic

Marine Mechanic

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Hernando County Boat Engine Repair | Central Point Marine | Marine Mechanics of FloridaCentral Point Marine was legally founded as a business in February of 2007. But I’ve been working on boats all my life.

The first time I knew I wanted to become a Marine Mechanic was when I bought my first boat. I was 19 years old and I saved up my own money all summer to afford it. But it needed A LOT of engine work…

I took it to my local dealer multiple times. Even though I spent a boatload of money, I never did get a reliably running boat back. This made me feel really helpless. I was mechanically inclined, and while yes I can work on my own car engine, I didn’t know where to start with boats!

I pushed myself to get better at fixing boats. I learned everything that I could, no problem was too big for me. A little while after that I finally had the opportunity to get some professional training from factory schools. That fired me up more than ever because I had the power and could do the very things I was helpless to do before.

I am Committed To Being Your Marine Mechanic

Central Point Marine | Commercial Fishing boats in New Port Richey | Pasco County, FloridaI had to pay for my own school, too. Regular dealers are very stingy when it comes to educating their technicians. I went to every open class and signed up for wait lists of anything else. My goal was to get as much training as possible.

Now I am a 5 master tech, and I hold marine mechanic certifications in all the major outboard manufacturers. I have reached the point where I have the needed knowledge and tools to fix any and all outboards on the water today. There’s nothing I haven’t seen before.

But I’ve never forgotten that feeling of total helplessness. When I took off my the cowling of my first engine all I could do was stand there lost. Now I see that look in my customer's eyes today. I completely understand, and that feeling of being lost drives me to be a better man and tech than I had to deal with on that very first boat.

As A Marine Mechanic, I have a few key principles that I live by and drive me:

  1.  If I can't fix or improve what your issue is, I won't hurt you by charging you just for looking
  2.  We will always advise the customer to the best of our ability. We strive to do what’s best for them, not my wallet
  3.  I will never lie to a customer and promise what I know I can't deliver

I’m a boater too. I love what I do and I am not going to give you something back that isn't up to the standard I would want for myself or my family.

Here are a few stories to give you a sense of who I am as a Marine Mechanic:

I love to set up bass boats. Bass guys love to go fast, and I create the best custom bass tournament engines in the business. I can and will actually build engines from scratch, not many in the business can anymore.

We had a group of bass fishermen that would come by my shop one by one to spy on the other guy’s boats. They wanted to find out what I was doing to their engines that was so special! Everyone wanted to see if I could set up their boats to go even faster.

My crowning glory of custom bass engine was an outboard I built for a Triton. The customer had me build a Johnson 200 Venom engine that we put it on a 19ft Triton bass boat. That boat clocked in at 104 mph under GPS. I don’t know any fish that could swim fast enough to get away from that monster!

Why Choose Central Point Marine As Your Marine Mechanic?

I’m the most detail oriented marine mechanic you’ll find. When I build an engine, I go to extremes that others don't even know how to do.

For example, I use a postal scale to balance and equal out the parts of the rotating mass in the engine. That creates less drag and really improves performance.

I don’t skimp on anything. All of my engine blocks go to one man in South Carolina for boring and machine work. Even though I’m in Florida and that costs me a pretty penny he just flat out does the highest quality work, and that’s what I want for my customers. Jonny Durham Machine Shop has handled all my milling work since day one. He is the best of the best and his dedication makes my work better. Thanks to his incredibly accurate, I even have rebuilds out there still running 15-18 years later.

Choose Central Point Marine Over Others As Your Marine Mechanic

Most of the trunk slammer mobile marine guys are technicians who have worked at all the local shops and have been fired (usually because of their performance), so they have to go on their own just to be able to work.

Central Point Marine is different. I fired the dealerships and I chose to do this for myself. We do not want to overcharge, or rip people off for some dealer’s profit. Now I know without a doubt my customers are being treated fairly, that they have a great product back in the best condition it can possibly be. I can finally put my customers first.