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Custom Engine Builds in Florida for bass boats | Big Mouth Bass | Central Point MarineDo you want to compete in bass fishing tournaments? Central Point Marine can build a great custom engine for any angler!


Our technicians have over 2 decades of experience with Yamaha, Mercury, and Suzuki outboards. Our techs are experts at identifying parts that work together. We’re consistently able to get our custom boat engines to perform at or above 70MPH. You’ll smoke your competitors with one of our builds for sure!


Our crowning glory of custom bass engine was an outboard we built for a Triton. The customer had us build a Johnson 200 Venom engine that we put on a 19ft Triton bass boat. That boat clocked in at 104 mph under GPS. I don’t know any fish that could swim fast enough to get away from that monster!


Central Point Marine can build you the perfect custom engine for any bass fishing tournament. From local dealership tournaments, to BASS Federation, to American Bass Anglers draw trail, to the Wal-Mart BFL and EverStart Pro-Am events Central Point Marine will help you win them all.


What is special about the design of bass fishing boats?


Custom Built Marine Engines | Bass Boat | Central Point Marine | Florida BoatsThey might be rated for up to five passengers, but bass boats are really designed for two or maybe three anglers, who cast lures from open platforms at the bow and stern. Sleek and low to the water, they’re generously powered to reach far-off hot spots in a hurry, and their open-cockpit design makes it easy to cast when you’re at your bank.

Professional, tournament-style fiberglass versions span 20 feet or more and have outboard motors that range from 150 to 300 horsepower. Casual and buddy-tournament anglers often opt for smaller fiberglass or aluminum bass boats with outboards up to 150 horsepower.

Tournament bass must be kept alive and so livewells — cooler-like built-ins that deliver cool, oxygenated water — are a given. So is an electric trolling motor at the bow. A bass boat might come pre-rigged with GPS and sonar equipment. Bass boats have plenty of style, too, with bright colors, metal-flake paint and showy graphics.


Here are some common features you may find beneficial to add to your custom bass fishing engine:


  • Variable Ratio Steering (VRS)

    Variable Ratio Steering (VRS) technology is designed to provide maximum control. It virtually eliminates the effects of torque steering feedback, so anglers benefit from a more predictable steering response, improved boat stability, and better overall control.

  • Digital Power Management

    Digital Power Management extends battery life up to five times.  Digital technology features durable cooler-running power electronics that are 50% more efficient. They also capture and store energy that is typically lost as heat. This improved efficiency means longer run time and fewer battery charges.

  • Aluminum (or other strong material) Mount

    You want a wide mount that is stable and features a snap-back breakaway mechanism for added protection. And durable, tight fitting composite bushings in key wear points to ensure quiet performance and long life.

  • Reinforced Mount Column

    A stainless steel outer column is strong and corrosion-resistant. For additional impact protection, get an inner column made of a sturdy material like premium composite.


If you’re serious about winning bass fishing tournaments, Central Point Marine is the only place to get a better engine than your competitors! We are able to get superior performance over any off-the-shelf outboard by creating new combinations of high quality parts.

Call us today for a quote on your custom outboard (352) 503-2839.