Wild Adventure: A Review of the Slot Game

Wild Expedition, a video slot game by Red Tiger, follows in the footsteps of fantasy couple crossovers like Belle and Chewbacca or Daenerys and Kratos by bringing together two characters whose romantic pairing you might not have expected. Red Tiger has combined two characters that resemble Lara Croft and Indiana Jones, with the latter looking like “Indy after a hard day of archeologying.” In an unexpected turn of events, Red Tiger has combined these two intrepid explorers in a Tarzan-themed slot machine called Lord of the Wilds.

We meet them in a forest so thick that we find ourselves reflexively swatting at mosquitoes while we play a game that unfolds across a 5×4 grid and features 30 fixed paylines. A gloomy, damp, ominous setting consisting with vegetation and Aztec style statues has been meticulously crafted by Red Tiger for Wild Expedition. The music is more exciting, and the visuals are considerably more vibrant.

You may play Wild Expedition on any device where you can place a wager of 10 p/c to £/€40 each spin. Because it’s essentially a carbon copy of Lord of the Wilds, many of the same features have been included, and the differences between the two games’ statistics are negligible at best. The return to player (RTP) has increased, yielding 95.67 percent, however the volatility remains at a rather high level.

In order to produce a winning combination, three or more identical symbols must fall vertically, horizontally, or diagonally from the left side of the game panel. There are a total of 9 pay symbols: 4 low-value card suites, 3 medium-value backpacks, 3 high-value magnifying glasses, and 2 high-value characters. Red Tiger has even given them names, maybe in an effort to differentiate them from their famous doubles. Both Cara and Nick are worth 5–6 times the original wager for a hand of five of a kind. Nick is featured on the wild symbol as well, as he may be altered to take on this shape from any of the standard pay symbols. Nick is wild and may replace any other symbol in a winning combination, earning 10 times the wager for a full line of five of him.

Features of the Slot Game Wild Adventure

In Wild Expedition, the Nick and Cara symbols are used interchangeably to trigger different effects. In addition, a bonus round of free spins can be activated, tying the whole thing together. The first is Nick’s Jungle Treasure, in which Nick appears at random and adds Nick symbols to the reels. Nick might also substitute scatter symbols for regular ones when he appears, increasing the chance of activating the extra feature.

Cara is included in all that happens. Occasionally, she’ll pop up and blow a Wild Kiss, which will make any Nick symbols on the reels wild and keep them there for the rest of the spin. Any unlocked wilds will still be unusable. If a Cara icon falls adjacent to a Nick icon, Nick will become a locked wild on the following spin. If Cara lands on a reel with locked wilds from a previous spin, she will keep them locked for one more spin.

When three scatter symbols appear in view, you will trigger 10 free spins. If more than three appear simultaneously, each additional symbol awards five more turns. Wilds are locked in place for the length of the bonus round when it is activated.

Result of the Slot Machine Expedition

I’m not sure whether I like it; I found myself caring less about the protagonists, because they lacked the backstory shared by Tarzan and Jane. The fact that Nick and Cara appear familiar is helpful, but who are they, exactly? Red Tiger’s effort would have been better served by expanding upon the characters’ backstories once they were given names. So long as ‘Cara’ can make him sticky and help ‘Nick’ win a bunch of games in a row, you’re basically hoping he’ll show up in his crazy form. When you say it like way, it sounds almost impure.

Moving on, there are a plethora of wilds that either land, stick, or morph throughout Wilds Expedition, proving the game’s title. It’s entertaining for a while, but ultimately useless. One such instance occurred at the conclusion of a set of free spins when all but two slots were occupied by sticky Nick wilds. Two of the identical symbols fell into the open slots, yet the outcome was still terribly disheartening. Given that he locks for the duration of free spins, the most you can expect for is a grid of wild Nicks, which pays out 300x the wager. Wild Expedition has a maximum win of 2,101x the bet, so it’s not as good as staying the night with a thug cult at Pankot Palace, but it’s better than nothing.

Wild Expedition is another visually appealing Red Tiger slot that, however, fails to live up to its potential because to its limited number of paylines and subpar symbol values. Its glitzy façade is sure to attract superficial players, especially those with a penchant for A-listers. Those who are looking for more substance in their entertainment from Wild Expedition will have a hard time getting anything substantial out of it.






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